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Turn up the heat with Hot and Skinny, a bold variation of our SkinnyDips lineup. This sunflower and pepita-based dip introduces cayenne and hints of black pepper, creating a spicy kick that will awaken your taste buds. Ideal for those who crave depth of flavor without compromising on health, Hot and Skinny is a guilt-free pleasure. Use it as a dip, spread, or marinade to add a fiery twist to your culinary creations. Like all our SkinnyDips, it's free from nuts, dairy, and chickpeas, ensuring a delicious experience without unwanted fat and calories.


A guilt-free indulgance!  Only 10 calories per serving. Food fun without the fat!


Enjoy within 10 days of opening

Natural separation may occur

No preservatives


Keep Refrigerated

Skinny Dips - Hot & Skinny Dip


Sunflower Seeds

Green Chilis


Lime Juice



Apple Cider Vinegar

Broad Leaf Parsley


Red Wine Vinegar


Sea Salt

Black Pepper
Olive Oil

Red Pepper Flakes

Cayenne Pepper

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