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and our leafy green herb forward, seed based dips, that are full of flavor with far less fat.

Skinny Chimi and Skinny Green Salsa are born out of the desire for a true Keto friendly, plant based, non nut allergen, savory dip or sauce, that honor their South American roots with old world Gaucho flavor. Add more olive oil to enjoy as a dressing, or keep it pure and let the rich flavors take over your taste buds.


Our Original Skinny, Hot and Skinny, and Smokin' Hot and Skinny dips integrate the unique combination of sunflower and pepita seeds to create a  rich and creamy flavor profile, perfect for those with a heath conscience mind who long for full flavor, without the guilt of unwanted fat and calories.


Handcrafted with the healthiest of ingredients, make our dips a staple of your culinary palate, and paint a true food masterpiece each and every day.

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